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Outreach Committee

Community Outreach Statement of Purpose

Adam Summer (chair)
Brian Carroll  (ex oficio)
Raduca Kaplan
Richard Adams
Rick Rosner
Eric Preven
Josef Tichy

            The Outreach Committee’s primary impetus is to increase awareness of neighborhood council, increase open communication with stakeholders, inform stakeholders on what neighborhood council does and can do for them, and increase stakeholders participation in all neighborhood council meetings and events. The means to do this are many including; disseminate useful information about neighborhood council, create events, and local based projects and initiatives that will increase access and participation from all local demographics, and collect contact information in a meaningful, purposeful way so as to maintain and grow relationships with the community and the local businesses and service organizations.

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

 Meeting Agenda
Dec 10, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Nov 12, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Oct 08, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Sep 10, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Jul 16, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
May 14, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Apr 09, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Mar 19, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Mar 12, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Feb 13, 2012
 Meeting Agenda
Jan 09, 2012
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Minutes for Board and Committees are available to view in the Studio City Neighborhood Council's office. If you wish to setup a meeting to access these minutes please call (818) 655-5400.
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